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13 things to tell your daughter

I love this! Kids were grounded for being late to school. In order to be ungrounded, this is what she wrote to the kids.

Age appropriate chores for kids #kids #children

kids hears 432 neg comments/day (vs 32 positive ones). how many times do you say No or Don’t? confusing (what does she want me to do?). reinforces negative behavior. doesn't hear what you want her to do. discouraging. If 93% feedback during day were negative, you'd feel how kids feel: discouraged. shift percentages: Calmly state what want child to DO. (“Please use walking feet in house") Find opp to say YES! (“The park sounds fun! saturday or monday?” “YES, wh

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com - 5 Layered Salads

Beat the spring break blahs! Free Printable - no more "Mom, I'm Bored!". Simply hang it on your wall and point :).

Aggression - why children lash out and what to do |

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60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

61 really thoughtful and inexpensive ways that kids can pay it forward

8 Sentences that will change your child's life.

8 Sentences that will change your child's life.