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Every sneakerhead has had at least one pair of classic Nike Air Force Or at least I hope so. Talk about a

This could be a selection of relevant photos along with colours. 'HYPE CIRCUS' could sit across the squares in a variety of fonts. it would be very clean and geomectric, and good from social banners.

My names cris. I'm the oldest child of Elsa and jack. I'm not much of a talker and normally hide myself away. I love reading with a passion and can be very loyal to the people I let in. I what to try and be more out there, but it's hard for me to have icy confidence in myself. But I'm hoping you don't think innocence in ignorance.because I'm not weak, and I won't stand by.ive got ice powers.

We got a sneak preview of the brand new Sony A5000 ultra-compact CSC and here's what we thought of it...