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GUESS WHO JUST HIT A MILLION FOLLOWERS?! This girl If you know me, you know I could care less about numbers but lately I've been so happy and I know it's because of you guys. The number one thing I do in the morning is read your comments. It makes me happy knowing that there are people out there who have never even met me but take the time to encourage me and help me grow. Sure getting a lot of followers and likes is nice but it doesn't beat that feeling you get when someo...

Woven from natural hardwearing rattan with a tall back and two cut out handles, our Rattan Log Trolley is the ideal companion for anyone with a real log fire. This clever large trolley includes two wheels at the base to let you stack a large bundle of logs and kindling and carry them straight from storage to the fireplace.


X Factor Hair And Beauty

Kelly Rowland let her girly side take over on the results show with an ultra-curly style, finished with a side-parting: perfect for lots of hair-flicking dance-moves (oh, how we adore Kelly on this year’s show).

Queer: Queer is an umbrella term for all sexual and gender minorities. If a person is not straight and/or not cisgender, they can identify as queer. Although "queer" was once used as derogatory, it has been reclaimed. However, it a queer person is offended by your usage of it. It is respectful to stop. [follow this link to find a bundle of videos related to the sociological study of sexuality:]

Ignore the cake. Do you like the tiered stand? Insert 3 yummy homemade cakes without dowels, etc. $40 on Amazon could save you a bundle.