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Imagine telling an intruder that you are armed and not to come through a door or you will shoot. Then he comes in anyway and sees you holding this.

The U.S. military’s small, but growing, arsenal of armed robots has ...

U.S. Military Gets Newest Kill-Bot

Army Of The Future, Russian Combat Robots, Military Robots, Future War, Future…

2013 MR762 LRP guns, gun, weapons, weapon, self defense, protection, protect…

2013 LRP: Taking an essentially standard (caliber x 51 mm NATO) semi-automatic rifle, Heckler & Koch USA turns it into a more effective precision rifle

quadski 600wide........yes, I have pinned it before, but this thing is cool!

GIBBS Quadski - The amphibious vehicle can be driven like a regular quad while on land, but it draws in its wheels and becomes a Jet Ski-like contraption upon entering the water – all within five seconds.