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"Little town its quiet village, everyday like the one before, Little Town full of little people waking up to say.

Belle and the Beast from the 1991 film

They say how can a beautiful girl as Belle fall in love with a beast,if you think like that too,you have the same mentality as Gaston who sees only the outside look

Gotta say that i truely love this movie more just from reading this. To the people out there that have struggled with bullying or felt like they were an outcast, i want to say that from the bottom of my heart i am truely sorry for what society has put you through. Know that you are loved in with all of your flaws no matter what they maybe. Because no human can say that they are flawless. That is a lie made up by society. Being human means being flawed and thats ok. I love you for them.

This Just Changed The Way I See Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney film and this person has accurately and eloquently summed up why