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It's okay if you're the only one who can hear the music of your soul. Dance to it anyway. ~ Sue Krebs / Soul Speaking I invite you to join me, Sue.

For what any of it is worth to either of "my children..." They were MY BABIES once upon a time... And I miss them both so much... Life has too many twists and turns, so love the people that are in your life while you can... You never know when they will grow to hate you... I know, it's my fault..

My Son sign I adore his smile I cherish his hugs I admire his heart but most of all I love that he is My Son, hand-painted, wood sign

I love the thought of this. Don't let the things in your past drag you down, embrace and accept it and learn to love your life and love YOURSELF more because of it!

If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best take it out & teach it to dance. --George Bernard Shaw **Embrace your skeletons!

Me sometimes

I'm still deciding whether or not I'll be productive today.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows..Stay Focused on the Positive and Realize your Potential Goals that you Set Out to Achieve!!! Gerard the Gman from NJ

Where focus goes energy flows. What are you focusing on right now in your business? Are you focused on positive growth, or worried about "what if"?