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I harvested spinach and broccoli on Saturday. When you cut a head of broccoli off, still leave the stalk and continue to water and wait for another smaller shoot. It is getting warmer here and I wonder how long to keep it going. So far, another shoot is growing so I will leave it in. …

Broccoli, spinach and racing green beans - Raised Urban Gardens

growing spinach in my raised urban garden. how to garden, pictures, what to plant and garden plans on link

Happy Easter with pictures from my garden - Raised Urban Gardens

DIY garden:  spinach, how to grow it in your backyard. here's a new unique way to garden, be prepared and grow food to eat. don't buy gold, buy seeds and be able to feed yourself. blog with pics and how to.

Comment cultiver efficacement le brocoli, les épinards et les haricots. this was taken a few days before harvest. I cut it mostly all off, just leaving the little tiny leaves

Hi everyone!  I have received several email regarding how to cut herbs and keep them healthy afterwards. So, I thought I would do a very qu...

How to cut herbs - for basil don't pluck leaves off, instead trim stem. Leave two sets of leaves on stem (leaves grow in pairs across from each other). Cut immediately above the second set of leaves from the ground. Plant will then grow new branches from

how to grow broccoli and a recipe for a delicious broccoli cheese soup

Broccoli contains high levels of Vitamins K and C. Vitamin K assists in body in processing proteins and is also required for blood coagulation. Vitamin C is needed for growth and maintenance of body tissue, bones and teeth.

You can do this with small bags to start seeds.  Cover with a clear storage tub (put some bricks on top to prevent blow-over) to create a mini-greenhouse.  After sprouting every few days, take a knife and "cut squares" around the plants.  This effectively keeps the roots contained to each plant.  When large enough or warm enough - plant each square into your regular garden.

Quick and Easy Bag Gardening - Organic Gardening

Bag gardening couldn’t be easier. Simply set out purchased bags of topsoil, cut them open, and plant seeds and seedlings right into the topsoil. The bag garden in this plan will be brimming with more than 20 vegetables and culinary herbs by its third year

101 Gardening: How to Grow Corn

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When to Plant : Extremely frost sensitive, corn planted in soils cooler than 55 degrees for super-sweet varieties) fails to germinate .

Growing Mamey Sapote: Mamey sapote is a commercially important tropical fruit in Central America.

Casimiroa-Growing White Sapote Indoors

Tips on how to grow mamey sapote indoors, including advice on propagating and harvesting ripe fruit.

How to Grow Garlic!

5 foods you can grow from leftovers: celery, ginger root, garlic, sweet potatoes & green onions Hmmm. I wonder if ginger root would grow this far north? Love the stuff.

Growing Kiwi Vines in Your Landscape: Kiwi vines can grow quickly to 30' long.

:Learn How to Grow Your Own Delicious Kiwi Fruits at Home: Kiwi vines can grow quickly to long.