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Brilliant. Choose to have sex and you can get free condoms. Bleed whether you like it or not and you're fucked if you're not prepared. Even if you can clench to hold it back, it will save you for two minutes, tops. Vaginas, unlike assholes and urethras, don't have sphincters.


10 Things Only Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer Would Understand

guys I was wondering if you could give me an honest opinion.. Do you think I should change my board names in to something more creative like change food to "bon appetite"/add emojis to the end of the board names?? Please comment with suggestions tysm

I did not want to believe. I am lost. What did I do for you to treat me like you are repulsed or terrified of me? All the times you just disappeared on me, on us and I begged you to return. All the times I chased after you. Was just doing all I could to be there for you. Giving you my last and it meant nothing. You can't even look at me. I'm not much but I believed I had everything with you. I should have listened to everyone. I should have listen all the times you left me…

Happens all the time with my best friends Trevor or Devon. I say me and Devon look more like siblings, but thats just my opinion.


Winnie the Pooh Quote

IN*U.....I won't tell you to keep your heart empty for me......but I beg you to keep 0.0000001% of your heart for me

Happy 92nd Birthday! Christopher Lee praising the genius of Tolkien. From one Legend to another!!!

I LOVE THIS. Because if you really loved them, wouldn't you be glad to be in their life as their friend--getting to text them in the morning, see them every day, make them smile--even if you'll never get in their pants?