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Maybe a bit more space to hide out, but this one looks easy to build :)

Rabbit Litter Box / Hay Feeder - 1 Free Chew/Toss Toy Included

Rabbit Litter Box / Hay Feeder 1 Free by TheBlissfulBunny on Etsy - brilliant!! A great model for me to try to copy. This seller makes all things bunny.

Instructions for making slotted cardboard feed ball for rabbits, to be stuffed with hay/treats.

80% of an adult rabbit's diet should be hay. Don't give them raw broccoli... Think we killed a pet rabbit that way.

Rabbit living spaces, size guide - not from us but we agree with this welfare standard and works well when applied to everything from Netherland Dwarfs to British Giants!

Understand rabbit behavior. Learn how rabbits communicate through binkying, flopping, nose bonking, teeth grinding, buzzing, thumping, growling, and more.