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Wolf 001 by WillWorks.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I am trying to get some things ready for the summer. And I would like to practice drawing some furs for my pen and ink. I would like to thank Wolf 001

i want to get this wolf tattooed somewhere on my shoulder and below it i want my moms name and when she was born and when she died.

There is a dog/wolf in my stories which is quite important. I like the idea of embedding this image inside the image of the man breathing smoke.

He was afraid of what would come when Aedion and Aelin were reunited. For he'd seen in her that same glittering ember that made people look and listen. Had seen her stalk into the council with Councilor Mullison's head and smile at the King of Adarlan, every man in that room enthralled and petrified by the dark whirlwind of her spirit. The two of them together, both of them lethal, working to build an army, ignite their people... He was afraid of what they would do to his kingdom.

The winters are harsh in the Badlands. Her tutor claims that it builds character.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones season finale [ 7x07 ] #JonSnow #HouseStark

Jon Snow Game of Thrones season finale [ 7x07 ] #JonSnow #HouseStark

Um I think this absolutely the most adorable thing ever. Now just if I can bribe my little man to do it!

great idea for ears Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume: This Homemade Classic Warewolf Costume was made for my 2 yr old son Dillon, it was a last minute idea which seemed to work perfect for my lil'guy.

white charcoal drawing black paper wolf - Google Search

white charcoal drawing black paper wolf - describe this as creatively as possible.