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Beautiful In Blue<br />The earrings showcase 15 carats of turquoise in engraved designs on oxidized metal. Turquoise is related to '' earth-grounding'' and associated with throat chakra as well as heart chakra<br /> [$59.00]

A trendy garnet cuff with sophisticated detailing at the ends. A total of 10 garnet stones gives an elegant finish to this sterling silver bracelet. [$78.00]

This hand crafted rainbow moonstone bracelet is a sure add-on to your grace and elegance. Rainbow moonstone relates to the sacral chakra, crown and third eye chakra. This bracelet holds a total of 17.5 carats of rainbow moonstone.<br /> [$84.00]

This amethyst Handmade Bracelet has been hand crafted with 9 sterling silver bezels,with a weight of 28.8 gms and carat value of 144cts [$69.00]