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Removing the shine to your wig... Might need to remember this for future epic Halloween costumes...

How to Remove that Shine From Your Synthetic Wig Using 2 Odd Ingredients

Bandaged Leggings tutorial: how to turn your regular old leggings into CRAZY CRISCROSS LEGGINGS!

tutorial - Bandaged Leggings

Learn to Make Your Own Chest Armor

Learn to Make Your Own Chest Armor

This method can be easily modified to make armor for any part of the body! Chest armor tutorial by *EnjiNight on deviantART Jackson can use this to make chest plate for knight costume!

Fan Cosplay Tutorial - Gaige Robot Arm Tutorial

Hillary Jae as Gaige the Mecromancer with the XXX head and Isaac Arand as Dr. It’s Lilith Lindwall (Gearbox Software Marketing Assistant) back with more on

ok - so I would be worried about doing this as a regular skirt...but maybe over leggings...or maybe as a beach cover up???  Kinda cool!

DIY wrap dress no sewing! DIY wrap dress no sewing! DIY wrap dress no sewing!


DIY Draped Skirt…no sew. The girl in the pics is actually using an old H scarf, but any jersey fabric (roughly wide and long) will do. Just wrap, twist and tuck (and maybe add a safety pin to keep it all in place!

142776_900.jpg (878×499)

DIY Flip flops and scarf. As much as I HATE flip flops, I'd wear these. They're more like sandals than tacky flip flops