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The warband of Chaos Space Marines known as Skyrar's Dark Wolves are a possible splinter faction of formerly Loyalist Space Wolves Space Marines who turned to the Dark Gods. They were first sighted by Imperial forces operating in the Fenris Sector.

Kranon the Relentless is a Chaos Lord and the current leader of the Crimson Slaughter warband. Cursed by the Blood God Khorne, the Crimson Sabres were driven insane by voices in their heads which belonged to their murdered victims. Upon leading his warband into self-imposed exile in the Eye of Terror, he has driven himself and his Chapter to commit increasingly bloody and vile acts in an attempt to silence the maddening voices that plague him and the rest of the Crimson Slaughter.

El Descanso del Escriba: Pre-pedidos MEC(Crimson Slaughter y Hellbrute),una.

cover done for the comic, Warhammer: Forge of War. and Games Workshop. no fancy backstory to this pic, just a beaut. Death and Chaos

Slaanesh - Warhammer 40K:

Tzeentch, also known as the Changer of Ways, is the Chaos God of Change, Evolution, Intrigue and.

Warhammer 40K by uncannyknack on DeviantArt

Recent commission of a Consecrator marine - took my time making sire canon was observed on this but still had to take a couple of Mk series liberties to make the drawing work

JUAN GIMENEZ. Arcane XIII - (SANS NOM). La Fatalité, La Mort et la Résurrection, le Passage, le Changement, la Transformation, la Renaissance. (L'univers de Juan Gimenez. La Sirène 2002)

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19420657_1361264823908983_8578088680533037955_n.png (581×588)

19420657_1361264823908983_8578088680533037955_n.png (581×588)