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Marketers should stop relying on hover rate - For many, the promise of digital advertising is the wealth of information that comes with every impression they buy. However, all this data becomes virtually useless when marketers employ the wrong success metrics for their campaigns. Read More TechCrunch All about... | | #Tech #News

Google Launches Cardboard Camera, A Free App To Create 3D Virtual Reality Photos - Got one of Google’s Cardboard VR headsets and an Android phone handy? Google has something new for you to play with this morning. Read More TechCrunch All about technology : #technology #news #tech | | #Tech #News

Orange Is Thinking About Acquiring Bouygues Telecom - Who will buy Bouygues Telecom? Rumor has it that the telecom company has been looking for a buyer for a while now. And it looks like Orange might be interested after all in order to make sure it remains the telecom leader in France. Read More TechCrunch All about technology... | | #Tech #News

Let’s Have A Chat About Virtual Reality - “Virtual reality” according to Wikipedia: Virtual reality (VR), which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated life, replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds and lets the user... | | #Tech #News

Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services - UPS recently entered into a partnership with Zipline, a medical drone delivery startup, to begin aerial transport of healthcare supplies in Rwanda. Read More TechCrunch All about technology : #technology #news #tech | | #Tech #News

Watch This Guy Fly In A 54-Propeller Super Drone - Flying drones are all the rage right now. The latest DJI Phantom is smoking hot. But sitting in your very own one and flying it? That’s uncharted territory…until now. Check out this dude in the UK hovering above the earth in a contraption with “54 counter-rotation... | | #Tech #News

Mark Zuckerberg Will Take Two Months Off From Facebook For Paternity Leave - Mark Zuckerberg, the face of Facebook since the company’s founding back in 2004, will be taking a few months off for paternity leave. News of his time off comes by way of — no surprises here — his Facebook. Read More TechCrunch All about technology :... | | #Tech #News

Facebook adds Dropbox support and video Chat Heads to Messenger - Good news, everyone. Facebook Messenger has two new features! No sense saving them for below the fold: it’s Dropbox integration and live video Chat Heads. It’s even in the headline. Read More TechCrunch All about technology : #technology #news #tech | | #Tech #News

DJI’s Latest Drone Saves Crops From Pests - DJI made its name building high-end consumer drones, but its latest model shows where the future may lie for the Shenzhen-based company and its competitors. Read More TechCrunch All about technology : #technology #news #tech | | #Tech #News

Google puts presidential campaign finance information and more directly in search - Just in time for “Mega Tuesday,” Google has rolled out new features to Google Search that will allow you to better track the primaries and learn more about the candidates. One new addition provides easy-to-understand campaign finance information, so you can see things ... | | #Tech #News