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The girl before me said: 'Hayes and jake!' And I was like GURL!!!!!! Lol but…

And on top of that, he wasn't even a "new character" he had been making cameos since at least episode 24 of world series, and plus episode 49 was pretty much devoted to his relationship with Norway.

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me and my sis one time tried to push a pull door for like 5 mins until we realized the truth and the cashier was cracking up at us

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Why do you do it because you know if we were to do it you would come back at us mad and angry so why do you do it -Megan and Kate


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Is it possible for me to somehow be all three of them, cause I think that's the case for me

NO YOURE NOT AT ALL!!! Also makes me sad she says this after legolas says "this is not our fight" because they've copied this scene from the two towers when treebeard says "this is not our war" and Merry replies "But you're part of this world! Aren't you?!" And convinces them to fight.

I've somehow gotten extra sensitive over the summer. I'm much more sensitive to micro-aggressions and other people's opinions. I was so upset today, for no good reason at all, but watching my bias slay all gave me reason to hold on.

It's hard to keep in rhythm on this, but it's true. Exercise ALWAYS makes me happier or at least shakes off some depression for that day. #weightloss #fitness #exercise