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Uno degli ultimi Guerrieri.

Lone Wehrmacht soldier (holding in his mouth extra ammo, a Five clip for his rifle).

Helmut Wandmaker (9 November 1916 – 19 July 2007)

Highly decorated German officer in the Wehrmacht. He was one of 98 soldiers to have been awarded both the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and Close Combat Clasp in Gold

1943 - German Soldier - Stalingrad - WWII (V)

Stalingrad, German soldier (Though frequently posted as "Stalingrad 1943 German soldier" or the like, this is a modern re-enactment plainly credited to Hungarian photographer Balasz Santha. It is not a genuine wartime image.

Perros de guerra

A soldier and his dog. One of the most ancient battlefield relationships. These dogs were also trained to go under tanks strapped with high explosives.

German soldiers forced to make an unexpected halt while one of them does a "Number - World War II

Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko is regarded as the most successful female sniper in history with 309 confirmed kills. Pavlichenko was a 24 year old university student when Germany invaded Russia. She was one of the first sets of citizens to volunteer for service and specifically requested infantry service. She refused an offer to become a nurse. Due to her accuracy with a rifle she became one of the first 2,000 female snipers in the Soviet Union. She was one of only 500 to survive the war.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Soviet sniper during WWII. A student at the time, Pavlichenko was among the first to volunteer for the armed forced when the Soviet Union was invaded and declined the opportunity to serve as a nurse instead of a soldier.

Siege of Leningrad: Soviet troops in a trench in Leningrad, Russia, 1 Sep 1941; note DP machine gun.

[Photo] Soviet troops in a trench in Leningrad, Russia, 1 Sep 1941; note DP machine gun

World War II, in Russia – the Great Patriotic War June 1941 – 9 May Russian soldiers, one armed with a DP machine gun, in the trenches on the Leningrad Front before an offence. 1 September Photo by Vsevolod Tarasevich.

The flamethrower

A Marine flamethrower operator moves forward to assault a Japanese pillbox on Motoyama Airfield. Department of Defense Photo

British Sherman tanks and anti-tank guns of the Armoured Division, advancing through the village of St Charles-de-Percy in Calvados, Normandy, on the N 177 road to Vire. of August 1944