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Antonio R. Calvo, ca. early 1920s. Antonio Regalado Calvo (1900-1973) and Maria de la Luz Mendez Calvo (1896-1982) were immigrants from Sonora, Mexico. They made a life together as the owners of a small Mexican restaurant, Las Delicias Café in the city of San Fernando, California. Both Antonio and Luz independently moved north during the time of the Mexican Revolution. Antonio and Luz (Mendez) Calvo Family Collection. Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives.

William Ellsworth Smythe, founder of a social movement known as "Little Landers" worked with George W. Harris and Marshall Valentine Hartranft to build the "Los Terrenitos" or the "Little Lands" Colony in 1913. Smythe and his disciples believed that any man could support himself and his family on a single acre of irrigated land.The Colony struggled through economic recession and by 1920 had ceased to exist. Little Landers Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Ray Sence's Farm, circa 1917. Ray Sence was the son of Addison Sence, who was an early pioneer of Burbank. Addison and his family moved to Burbank in 1903. Ray and Addison owned and ran a feed and fuel supply business in Burbank. Later they expanded the business and opened stores in Roscoe, Reseda, and Lancaster. Burbank Historical Society. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Margarite Larre Amestoy (Mrs. Peter) on Rancho Los Encinos around 1906. In 1889, Domingo Amestoy bought the Rancho. This was the last time the 4,460 acre ranch was sold as a whole. In 1916, the Amestoy family sold 1,170 acres which would eventually become the community of Encino. Rancho Los Encinos. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

The Glen Vet Court housing project on Colorado Street west of San Fernando Road in Glendale, August 1953. Housing up to ninety-nine veterans and their families, this city-owned project was built in 1946 to serve as temporary residence until the family's financial situation improved enough to afford private housing. Glendale Central Public Library. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

1920s Former Farm Girl -- Frances Taylor visits the family farm after living in the big city of San Francisco, and hams it up. from MeraM's flickr stream.

An early drive-in-restaurant, Los Angeles, March 1949. #vintage #1940s…

Judy's CA . Does anyone remember Judy's?Judy's was started in Van Nuys California and was the hippest place to get affordable trendy clothes for teens /young adults mainly 1960-70's. The company changed hands and ended up going bankrupt in the early 90's. I worked there from 1967 to 1972. l loved every minute. .

Migrant worker's camp at Bonner Fruit and Cannery, on the east side of Lankershim Boulevard, looking north from the railroad, 1915. The Bonner Fruit & Canning Company was owned by Guy Weddington, who employed about 250 people for his summer picking crews. Weddington Family Collection. San Fernando Valley History Digital Library.

Looking north on San Fernando Road from Pepper Street -- 1928 | San Fernando Road looking north from Pepper Street with Taylor Yard on the left. Los Angeles City Archives, Photographer: City of Los Angeles Engineering Staff 11/09/1928