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There are not even words to describe what it felt like to see this on Pintetest. Wow. The pinner wrote: "An open adoption birth story. Seriously strong teenage girl."

from From A Little Birdie

Adoption Sign - Not Flesh of My Flesh

As children grow, they may wonder why their mommy doesn't have a picture of her belly growing, them safely tucked inside. Why daddy isn't kissing mommy's belly, like they were kissing them. This is the time to remind them that they didn't grow in Mommy's belly, but instead they grew in Mommy and Daddy's hearts. ❤️ //

from The Best Life

Why We Do What We Do

Such a funny birth story! "Total labour: four hours. Total time pushing: two minutes. Yup. I’ll take it. It was magic. I roared out my baby in a bath tub, caught him, and still looked fabulous. THAT, kittens, is success."

from The Decorista

10 things that rocked my world. 9.5.15

"Scars & Wings" This was written for a friend's sister, who fought cancer for many years before leaving us. She was the bravest person Ive ever known. @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry