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▶ A Day In The Life... Of A 10-Year-Old In Norman Times - Hands on History - BBC - YouTube

A simple, free, note trainer application to help you learn to read sheet music.

practice their ability to read music by playing a game called Swat the Staff. To play this game we create a staff on the wall or a board. Students choose one flyswatter and take their place in front of the staff. With their backs to the staff and flyswatters down students listen to hear what letter they need to swat. This fun game is a great way to review the letter names of the staff

Guidonian Hand, music treatise by Elias Salomon, 1274 - Biblioteca Ambrosiana…

This lesson on the earliest era of music will help you teach your late elementary/early middle school students about the Medieval Era. Students will learn about 7 instruments, 5 composers, and basic vocabulary/concepts needed to understand music history...

absolute pitch: hand staff and rap I always use the hand staff so I like the visual on this video.

Teaching how to read music with a shower curtain for a staff, paper plates for note heads, and straws for stems! Brilliant!