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Sounds like the clown car needs a tune-up...

~Lex~. Sick and tired of people now a days.

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Goodfellas (Film)

The lives of gangsters telling the misguided loyalties and greed. Breathtaking pics, witty script writing and realistic violence. One of Robert De Niro's best performances.

Two pierrots in a studio was "found" by and is in the collection of LovedayLemon

This film is about a psycho killer who likes to play games and kill people who have done wrong in their life time.


Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett, used to make me cry with laughter, bless him!

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There is no bad Joker

There is no bad Joker! I think both the scripts have been written very interesting, and the actors have both been working like crazy to become the Joker, which they did awesomely!!! So thank you, story writers and actors for being so wonderful.

not even kidding, this is actually one of the most relatable things on the internet

Does living in one count? Is so, done. But I still want to go investigate a haunted house.

The Noddy Books by Enid Blyton - so un-pc now, but so loved as a child!