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Milk thistle has been used in medicine for thousands of years as a tonic for the liver and gallbladder. The old natural remedies have been forgotten over time.

Dandelion is rich in calcium, which is essential for growth & strength of bones, & is rich in anti-oxidants like vitamin C & Luteolin, which protect bones from age related damages such as weakening & loss in density. Dandelion is very beneficial for the liver & gallbladder, as it improves their functioning & protects them from infections. #dherbs #healthtips

Dandelion. Infographic. Summary of the general characteristics of the Dandelion plant. Medicinal properties, benefits and uses more common of Dandelion. http://www.medicinalplants-pharmacognosy.com/herbs-medicinal-plants/dandelion/benefits-infographic/

Foods that fight inflammation #health #nutrition #foodfacts https://www.genetichealthplan.com/

Milk Thistle Benefits> to detoxify body temporarily, recommended daily intake of milk thistle is 150 mg, taken 1-3 times daily. This is a somewhat high dose that can act as a natural liver “detox”. For ongoing use and liver support, 50-150 mg daily.

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