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With Lee Aaker, James Brown, Rin Tin Tin II, Joe Sawyer. Rusty was orphaned in an Indian raid. He and his dog Rin Tin Tin were adopted by the troops at Fort Apache in Arizona, and helped establish law and order in and around Mesa Grande.

Rin Tin Tin... American hero and silent movie star....

Rescued from a battlefield during World War I, the German Shepherd Rin Tin Tin went on to become one of the top stars of the silent era making 27 films. Rinty died on this date in 1932 at the age of Photo of Rinty from the L.

Rin Tin Tin and The OutLaw First Edition by MyLittleBookGarden, $8.50

Rin Tin Tin and The OutLaw First Edition Little Golden Book Illustrated by Mel Crawford 1957

Rin-Tin-Tin....and ever since I have loved German Shepherds!

"The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin" TV series of the starred James Brown as Lt. Rip Masters, Lee Aakers as Cpl. Rusty, and the adventurous canine Rin Tin Tin.

Born Sep., 1918 & died Aug. 10, 1932  Famous dog actor in several films in the 1920s and 30s, including "Shadows of the North" (1923), "A Dog of the Regiment" (1927), "Tiger Rose" (1929), and "The Lightning Warrior" (1931). He had his own radio show "The Wonder Dog" in 1930. On the day he died in 1932, when he was no longer strong enough to go to his master's side, actress Jean Harlow, who lived across the street, came over and cradled his head in her lap as he passed away.

The real Rin Tin Tin (September 1918 - August movie-dog of the adventures of Rin Tin Tin.


The Lightning Warrior would be Rin-Tin-Tin's last big screen romp in The dog would die quietly at home a year later.

This is the original Rintintin - photo from 1926

On the day Hollywood canine superstar Rin Tin Tin died at age of 16 in dog years), Jean Harlow, who lived across the street from his master, Lee Duncan, went over to cradle the dog's head in her lap as the famous canine died.