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Awesome Fan Art Portraits For Tom Hiddleston’s Loki & Chris Hemsworth’s Thor

Loki - by kou-chann  Artist’s Blog

Avengers Loki commission I did for ! *** YOOOOOOOO thanks for the DD! Theres alot more pretty lokis out there and I really appreciate this alooot. and thanks to `alicexz for the co.

I think it's so sweet!❤ It's hard to hug Loki, but it isn't impossible

This is very true >>>> "I find it ironic that crazy Loki fangirls think all he needs is a hug, when in the Avengers movie he scoffs at sentiment.yet, I continue to be a crazy Loki fangirl who would gladly give him a hug:) "

Tom Hiddleston- One of the nicest famous people ever.  Okay, you are my new future husband.

Good guy Tom…

Funny pictures about Tom Hiddleston Is A Good Guy. Oh, and cool pics about Tom Hiddleston Is A Good Guy. Also, Tom Hiddleston Is A Good Guy photos.

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If only the Loki in the comic books were the same as the Tom Hiddleston version of Loki. Tom adds more compassion and complexity. I wouldn't dare marry the comic book version.

Loki: God of Mischief - The featurette was nice... But I'm still waiting for him to get his own movie!!

We're waiting Marvel. / Tom said Marvel knows that people want a Loki movie. Come on Marvel, do it.