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Ready to feel a little happier? From a baby hippo to an inspiring sky diver, we've rounded up five links from around the web guaranteed to improve your Happiness Quotient.


96 years smiling by Diego Mena, via 500px - Now THIS is the kind of beauty that nothing can destroy because it radiates from the inside out! <3

So Pinteresting: Seeing Best in Black-and-White

Figura-fondo: al estar bien distribuidos los colores nos permite observar piernas de hombre y piernas de mujer, confundiendo a nuestra visión sobre cual es el fondo y cual es la figura

What Is Your Sexiest Quality?

You got: Infectious Sense of Humor You understand that the ability to make someone laugh is typically the key into anyone’s pants. Physical beauty is fleeting, but a well-timed joke will make your crush laugh forever. You’re the most popular person at the party and around the campfire. But jokes can’t save you from everything.