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Re: Coded wasn't much in terms of plot development, but this scene was really moving to me, even if it was between two data versions of the real people

Might be Sora and Axel but I'm pretty sure it's Roxas and Axel>> Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts spoof

BBS spoof: Kingdom Trek, Heart Wars by Explaining time! In the English ver. Of BBS, Eraqus is voiced by Mark Hamill and Master Xehanort is voiced by Leonard Nimoy. <<< I'll certainly miss Leonard Nimoy voicing MX in the KH series.

Okay I don't ship these two (too much, that is) but I really liked this.

Kingdom Hearts<<< excuse me as I curl up into a corner and cry

Sora and Riku

Sora and Riku

Kingdom Hearts 3 Im so proud of this edit! Follow me on IG at Kingdom_Hearts_Forever

Kingdom Hearts 3 brb fangirling again

............See I’m communicating

Kingdom Hearts Days "Dot Dot Dot" Roxas, Xion, Axel, and Demyx

KH2 Spoof: Nothing by on @DeviantArt

Axel literally just walked up and grabbed her. Hayner and Pence didn't do crap.

KHII spoof:I did all the work by on @deviantART

Simmer down there, Cloud!

Kingdom Hearts -Aqua

Imagen de anime girl, aqua, and fan art

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Pinning again

Kingdom Hearts DDD #kingdomhearts

Think that Square Enix has run out of Disney characters to stuff into Kingdom Hearts?Think that Square Enix has run out of Disney characters to stuff into Kingdom Hearts? Justin says to guess again!

Falcon Cry!

Part 3 - Final part The onion cutting ninjas are here

KH:roxas by Yhtka on DeviantArt

KH:roxas by on @deviantART