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Gallery.ru / mila29 - Альбом "84"

Gallery.ru / mila29 - Альбом "84"

1930 - Vintage Be-Ro recipes. Mum used a Bero book for all our favourite cake and tray bake recipes.

1930 - Vintage Be-Ro recipe pamphlet - I still have this little Be-Ro Book! Brought with me in 1981 after being given it by my Aunt Bett!

London, during the Blitz, June 1941.

A woman drinking tea in the aftermath of a German bombing raid during the London Blitz. 52 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever

When I decided to go down the Self-Publishing road, I wanted to produce both e-books and paperback copies of my novels - and, having looked around a bit, and listened to advice from friends, I opte...

Createspace: Print-on-demand option

I have been tested over the past two years; in fact, it has sometimes seemed as if my life were composed of nothing but tests. No sooner had I put my metaphorical pen down from one ghastly multiple…

Faye Whittaker All Our Yesterdays homepage - Faye Whittaker Arts, All Our Yesterdays Cross Stitch and Original Art Wesbsite

Faye Whittaker& range of nostalgic watercolours, produced as cards, cross stitch, prints and various other products.

Peter and Jane "Play with Us" Ladybird book.

The Peter and Jane reading scheme was my real introduction to books, as my mom wanted me to read before I started school.

Sugar Puffs 1970's advert

Sugar Puffs advert 100 tokens we saved to get the monster! Still in the loft

Penny for the guy.  All the kids in our street turned out for this event.  Make a few pennies, buy sparklers and sweets.

Penny for the guy. We didn't go trick or treating when I was a kid but we did collect money & sweets doing this for Bonfire Night - Remember Remember the of November (firework night), Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot at the Houses of Parliament ;

1970s roller skates .. we all had a pair of these in our road! I would only ever wear one.....scared of falling over!

1970's Collectable / Antique Children's Roller Skates