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Mobil call to owner. good news is she wont sink , bad news is .

Terrifying: A large circular blade sliced through Mr Xiang's car while he was driving on a motorway in China

Driver survives after a large circular blade sliced right into his car

Huge Blade Cuts Into Chinese Driver’s Pickup On. - Huge Blade Cuts Into Chinese Driver’s Pickup On Highway [WTF]Looking at this giant saw blade damaged JMC pickup, you’d think it was some sort of movie prop, but it isn’t. It’s the result of direct.


The tractor driver and train engineer both escaped injury. The entire front of the tractor was ripped off - the tractor motor, lying on the ground, was still running.

how did this happen?

Car crash picture and auto accident pic where a vehicle smashes into a house roof. A collision damage photo for the home owners to deal with.

First time using a chainsaw

Note to self, move truck way out of the way, pick up Tree Cutting For Dummies:^)

Make sure your straps are strong and secure before launching a big boat.

And you thought you were having a bad day! Aside from the luxury yacht slipping from it's sling as the crane operator lowered it into the water, note the 2 crew members clinging on as it falls! (everyone was fine!

A woman looks out at ruined ships used in the D-Day storming of Normandy. Photograph by David Seymour, 1947.

A woman on Omaha Beach looks out at ruined ships used in the D-Day storming of Normandy, France. Photograph by David Seymour, 1947 : HistoryPorn

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