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«Αναστάτωσε» η αδερφή της Ματσούκα με το σέξι μπικίνι στην παραλία! (ΦΩΤΟ)

from BBC News

Offender scheme 180 Degrees 'may increase crimes'

Nine activists who posted comments critical of Thailand's ruling junta and a military-backed draft constitution on Facebook have been jailed, police said today, the latest opponents of the government penalised for airing dissent. | Book Bestseller


'Do what is necessary' Greek PM steps up THREAT to take Germany to court for WW2 payments

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras vows to do 'whatever is necessary' to get WW2 reparations. (The USA has major involvement in this. Via the Marshal Plan the US placed more importance on building up Germany at the end of the war rather than sorting compensation. A blind eye was turned to these things since Russia was deemed to be a great threat. War crimes went unpunished, German scientists, NAZIS, were taken to the US to work and were forgiven. All affected countries should now be claiming…

from Mail Online

Sukur accused of being part of 'an armed terror organisation'

Turkish authorities have issued warrant for arrest of ex-striker and legislator Hakan Sukur

رئيس وزراء النمسا يرفض فكرة مراقبة الانتخابات…: أظهر رئيس وزراء النمسا كريسيتان كيرين اعتراضه على طلب وزير الداخلية فولفجانج سوبتوكا،…

from Mail Online

Laser could blast asteroids and make interstellar travel a reality

Watch scientists fire up laser weapon that could blast asteroids away from Earth and make interstellar travel a reality

from Mail Online

Heart-pounding moment biker risked his life on Sedona red rock cliffs

Heart-pounding moment biker risks his life as he attempts horizontal traverse of the famed White Line trail on Sedona's red rock cliffs | Daily Mail Online

from Mail Online

EgyptAir now say NO wreckage of missing flight MS804 has been found

Wreckage of MS804? This image posted online purportedly shows a piece of debris from the doomed EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean with 66 people on board, although MailOnline has been unable to independently the pictures

ΗΠΑ: Διαμαρτυρία κατά της εκλογής Τραμπ με... post it!

Καμμένος: Λύση του Κυπριακού με παρουσία στρατευμάτων κατοχής δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει