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Illustration of a viking ship from an 11th-century Anglo-Saxon history book.

Witchcraft Symbols And Their Meanings | The Metals - The Elements - The White Goddess

Viking runes. They were carved in a stone at Maes Howe, a prehistoric tomb site in the Orkney Islands

Gwenhwyfar "Gwenhwyfar, the Welsh Goddess, is believed to have existed as long as there has been surf to pound against rocky shores. Praised for her wise judgement, it was prophesied that no man could rule Wales without her by his side." She is also known as Guinevere, or Gueneva. Her name means "White Shadow" or "White One" which is another name for a Fairy Goddess. - Wiccan Moonsong


La vérité sur les contes de fées (2/2)

For We Have Sinned Part Five of my filthy priest verse (omg I’m going straight to hell for this I know it). Find the other parts here. Summary: Father Gold and Sister Belle seek shelter from the rain....

Gravestone depicting Viking marauders, outside the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory, attacked in AD 793. The men shown on this stone grave marker are Viking raiders. The Vikings look fierce and threatening.

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The Vikings Pack -

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