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Last Chance Of Honor by denkata5698

Gorgeous illustration of Cersei and Jaime by Magali Villeneuve

Beautiful Dress, Tony Ward 2014-2015 Fall-Winter Couture

Feybrand: the name Zera gave her shield, which was shaped like the head of a lion. Part of the reason she is called the Lion of Kirkwall.

It's like he remembers he's more than hunky incestuous man-meat. He's a better person around better persons.

haha I was mind blown when I saw the resemblance between Jamie and Prince Charming

gameofthronesdaily: "♕ Jaime dans Game of Thrones 6.06" Blood of My Blood ""

They were commemorated in a statue but theirs was different to others. It conveyed more of them than normal statues would have. It was them, clinging tightly to each other.

Wren and Reese || ThorinxOC and KilixOC in "Thorin's Queen"