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Ok, so I finally figured out why people constantly call Levi "Heichou"!!!! Heichou is corporal in Japanese!!! I felt like a complete moron when I found out xD

Attack on Titan ~~ "What's a plane?" :: Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and Levi

Attack on Titan: Hange doing impressions of Armin, Eren, Levi and Erwin. This board = hilarious

((Hanji does impressions of various people in Attack on Titan. Levi spits his tea out when she does Commander Handsome.)) << I spit my tea out too when she did Erwin. << I am literally crying.

My face most of the time

I'm starting a new school this year (we moved), and this is the exact face I'm gonna pull

Levi the butt monster.

Levi the butt monster.<<< this is horrific and my eyes need to be burned

Beautiful xD ... Thats the best curtain ever!

Beautiful xD >> Guess what I'm doing with my window soon