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The Daily Asgardian News--Odin was in odinsleep so how can he end it off?

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That's because music sticks in your head longer than any boring math problem (true fact btw)

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You Need To See Benedict Cumberbatch And Eddie Redmayne Make Hilarious…

Benedict Cumberbatch And Eddie Redmayne Made Hilariously Punny Dating Profiles

Odin is the worst dad that has ever existed and I hate him!

"From the moment Odin saw Loki, he saw an instrument to end a war. From the moment Loki saw Odin, he saw someone he could love. Loki wanted Odin's approval so much he changed his form to look like an Asgardian. Even as a newborn.

Amazing Harry Potter Monopoly…  I would actually play this version of monopoly!

Amazing! Harry Potter Monopoly

Funny pictures about Amazing Harry Potter Monopoly. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Harry Potter Monopoly. Also, Amazing Harry Potter Monopoly.