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My Good Guy Boss from years ago. I truly miss this man.

My Good Guy Boss from years ago. I truly miss this man.

"Just got the confirmation email an hour ago. My new good guy boss needs a small album for what he did for me.

Pretty much my life story

When your best friend is pregnant and you realize you won't have kids at the same time as planned. In fact, at your rate hers will babysit yours. - I don't compete with my friends. I think this idea is really cool if I should have kids.

i get annoyed when people make it priority to piss me off, becareful one day i will verbally knock you on your ass!!!.

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: Congratulations. You have been in the room ten seconds and already annoyed me three times.

shy not stuck up - Google Search

shy not stuck up - Google Search

Image from https://libcom.org/files/imagecache/article/images/blog/Jerk%20boss.jpg.

one of the higher ups has never liked me and is consistently rude to me. my immediate supervisor must have noticed this and his words meant a lot to me

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