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Jae& Charlie

Jae& Charlie

Love bob

truth is everybodys going to hurt you you just have to find the one woth suffering for bob marley -

For Bobby, Charlie, Drew, Pauline,  Daddy

Eskimo Legend: Perhaps they are not really stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.


if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid // einstein

Your Marriage Is A Mosaic – Jennifer Smith --- I came up with this quote recently.  I have always been a fan of mosaic artwork. I had the opportunity to photograph a mosaic wall in a New York Subway station, which provided the background image for this inspiration. When I look at it, I think of how … Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/inspiration-creating-art-with-your-spouse/

Inspiration - Creating Art With Your Spouse

Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story. - Jennifer Smith and if you need a celebrant call me at

Tina Fey, Former Head Writer of SNL and screenwriter of "Mean Girls"

A mother's prayer for her child, by Tina Fey When the Crystal Meth is offered, may she remember the parents who cut her grapes in half And stick with Beer. Guide her, protect her when crossing the street, stepping onto bo.

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“Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset” On the list of “things I need to tattoo on my face backwards, so I see them every time I look in the mirror” and this may have to go on a t-shirt, as well.

~ 25 of the Most Romantic Love Quotes ~ Beautiful quotes Perfect for Valentine's Day or any other day ~

The 25 Most Romantic Love Quotes You Will Ever Read

25 of the Most Romantic Love Quotes You Will Ever Read! Beautiful quotes and posters inside! Perfect as Valentine& Day quotes or any day quotes to enjoy on your own or with a partner.

11. Never Stop #Having Fun - 31 Inspiring and #Amazing Snapshots of #Couples in Love ... → Love #Celeb

this just makes my heart happy, this will be me and my husband when we are old and happy! old people are just so cute! cant wait to grow old with my future husband!





Grandma& Lillie

Grandma& Lillie

I have always believed in this.  Everyone laughs at me when I suggest it.

If someone breaks your heart just punch them in the face. Punch them in the face and go and get some ice cream.if only I knew then.