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"My Whole World Begins and Ends With You" Horizons by Phil Koch. Lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

~~Bear Witness to the Light | Tulip sunrise, Wisconsin by Phil Koch~~

Phil Koch is such a talented photographer who lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He likes to expose the true nature with vibrant colors

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annalepsis: “Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment,can be confused with paradise… ”

neon green

COLOR GREEN: Leaves of a tree are bright green. -leading lines(the branches) -good perspective(worms eye-view)

Orange flight

Day 4 - God created the sun, moon, and the stars to give light to the earth and to govern and separate the day and the night. These would also serve as signs to mark seasons, days, and years.

Pink sunrise.

Sunrise and Red Clouds, How can anyone in their right mind say there is no God, when the beauty of His creation is in these places?