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yes the guy with the spoons sign is trying to show the other guy how stupid it sounds to stereo type all people with guns

yes yes yes.

art quotes

Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide whether they love it or hate it. While the are deciding, make more art. ~Andy Warhol On writing and making art…

Completely inappropriate but oh so funny.

I love you like a back alley hooker loves crack. Guess what card my baby is getting for Valentine's?


Funny pictures about Pretty much how my brain works. Oh, and cool pics about Pretty much how my brain works. Also, Pretty much how my brain works.

Still nope.

Quotes about living in the moment and mindfulness. Positive, inspirational and motivational.

You make my cardiac muscle pump blood through my vascular system really quickly: Mu ultimate nerd crush.