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Jitish Kallat, 'Wind Study (the hour of the day of the month of the season),' 2015, Chemould Prescott Road

Atul Dodiya, Campaigners during the Quit India Movement, Gowalia Tank, 1942, 2014, oil, acrylic with marble dust and oil-stick on canvas. Courtesy Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai.

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Art + Design in Miami: Perspective Shift

Discovered at Chemould Prescott Road's booth at Art Basel, "Untitled (The Wave)" (2012) by Hema Upadhyay is a near replica of Hokusai's famous woodcut. However, the homage is created from quotations that have been cut into thin strips, and the painted background includes a metropolis that is absent from Hokusai's version.

Reena Saini Kallat, Saline Notations, 2015, digital print on paper. Courtesy Chemould Prescott Road and the artist. Photo: Reena Saini Kallat.

Courtesy of the artist and Chemoul Prescott Road 0 ‹ Pause › 18 of 21 Chemoul Prescott Road (India) Shakuntala Kulkarni Of bodies, armour and cages, 2010 - 2012 Cane molding and weaving The Best of Art Basel in Hong Kong