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Image 27- A good concept idea tat would turn the childhood nightmare theme into something more dark and sinister that would fit into a horror film. The hair on this idea isn't complex but easily could be developed with more shape or scope

Incredible Fire Inspired Digital Art

Shika - Queen of the The Marada suka (race that look like demons). Amokinesis

She reached behind her back again and retrieved her cigarette from the cabinet where she had laid it. She observed him like he was a particularly large roach for several moments before she sneered, "Yeah, that's about what I figured. Men like you love to inflict pain, but when it comes to receiving, you're all pussies." A NEW short story by Lilly Sinclair. DOWNLOAD HERE for only $0.99 cents!! ‪#‎satan‬ ‪#‎serial‬ killer ‪#‎occult‬ ‪#‎ritual‬ ‪#‎evil‬