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There is the problem of bargaining with chips that cannot be cashed in later. So it would seem that compromises must involve only the document at hand, without any promises for the future.

'Ivory Wings' by Dave Palumbo, from the Legends of the Cryptids series

Paige: We are creating a new character and new lore; and want our character to represent Lucifer. We all agreed that our new character should have horns but remain attractive; although I much prefer a more scary-looking beast. I like the colour scheme and costume of the woman in the picture.

Hey, my name is Phobs, and this is my blog for my drawings,comics,sketches and other stuff o.o...


ubernoir: Dorian Cleavenger - obsoletesystem

ubernoir: Dorian Cleavenger - obsoletesystem

deviantART: More Like Fire Goddess by *aditya777

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Iron Queen Rozelia O'Lia - Legends of the Cryptids

Idea for a Tiefling Shaman character I have in mind. stare by keerou on deviantART