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Ultomato Plant Cage Features 9 adjustable green plastic coated steel stake supports. Height 60 inches Width 2.75 inches. Adjustable horizontal connectors. Designed for tomato plants and other climbing vegetables. Includes 9 fully adjustable support clips. #Tomato cages & supports $21.89

Colorful Spiral Plant Stakes Powder coated red, blue and green steel stake plant supports add a decorative accent to your garden. Perfect for use where space is limited. Each support measures 20½ inches W x 60 inches H. Set of 3. #Tomato cages & supports $19.99

A simple and natural way to support your tomato plants…

Velcro Plant Ties measure 45 feet long x .5 inches wide. strong, adjustable and reusable. Belt clip style stainless steel cutter. Simple to use and reuse. Provids gentle but secure support for plant stem. #Tomato cages & supports $8.59

Tomato Cages, Stakes or Trellises: Which is best for Supporting Heirloom Tomatoes?

Panacea Tomato and Plant Support Cage Galvanized tomato support Cage. 33 inch Stackable. Useful in container gardening. Provides good support for small tomato plants, peppers or eggplants. Gray. #Tomato cages & supports Set of 4 $20.70

Garden Ties & Garden Clips for Vines, Flowers & Vegetables and Tomato Cages Easy to use and reusable. Gentle support will not injure plant stem. Cut with pruning sheers and tie around plant and support stalk. #Tomato cages & supports $9.77

Panacea 47 inch x 18 inch 3 panel Tomato Tower Folding Plant Support Cages Green powder coated steel. Forms a sturdy 18 inch triangular base around your tomato plants Provides solid support for heavy fruited plants. Easy access for harvesting and pruning. Set of 6. #Tomato cages & supports $64.79