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Ultomato Plant Cage Features 9 adjustable green plastic coated steel stake supports. Height 60 inches Width 2.75 inches. Adjustable horizontal connectors. Designed for tomato plants and other climbing vegetables. Includes 9 fully adjustable support clips. #Tomato cages & supports $21.89

Colorful Spiral Plant Stakes Powder coated red, blue and green steel stake plant supports add a decorative accent to your garden. Perfect for use where space is limited. Each support measures 20½ inches W x 60 inches H. Set of 3. #Tomato cages & supports $19.99

Velcro Plant Ties measure 45 feet long x .5 inches wide. strong, adjustable and reusable. Belt clip style stainless steel cutter. Simple to use and reuse. Provids gentle but secure support for plant stem. #Tomato cages & supports $8.59

Panacea Tomato and Plant Support Cage Galvanized tomato support Cage. 33 inch Stackable. Useful in container gardening. Provides good support for small tomato plants, peppers or eggplants. Gray. #Tomato cages & supports Set of 4 $20.70

Garden Ties & Garden Clips for Vines, Flowers & Vegetables and Tomato Cages Easy to use and reusable. Gentle support will not injure plant stem. Cut with pruning sheers and tie around plant and support stalk. #Tomato cages & supports $9.77

Panacea 47 inch x 18 inch 3 panel Tomato Tower Folding Plant Support Cages Green powder coated steel. Forms a sturdy 18 inch triangular base around your tomato plants Provides solid support for heavy fruited plants. Easy access for harvesting and pruning. Set of 6. #Tomato cages & supports $64.79