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It would help a lot if you would follow me on Wattpad, TheKingHemmings because that's were I put most updates and I'm gonna make an interview type book:-) thanks x

I can definitely see him telling our children, how much of a crazy mofo their mommy was in her youngin days but your daddy fell over heels for mommy!! ©Monica Wei©

I'm sorry, I couldn't laugh, I mean look at his face. It's make me wanna cry a river.

Well your staring at your wax's weird XD

every time oh man this is like perfect perfect just perfect. (gif)

does anyone have the link to the original interview?? if you do, please comment below!!! thanks!!! :)

So much TRUTH in one pic. Water fights are common. My favorite is still when SuJu dressed as veggies and Kyu bullied Hyuk.

I believe everyone should get the right to see this picture

Hahaha both funny<< look at Louis face in the 2nd picture lol that was my exact face!!