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Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous (2008)

Major Movie Star (2008): When fluffy, bubble gum movie star Megan Valentine suddenly finds herself broke and humiliated in the public eye, she wanders from the wreckage of a car accident and witlessly enlists in the U.S. Army hoping in vain that it will change her life.

S1m0ne (2002)

Simone A producer's film is endangered when his star walks off, so he decides to digitally create an actress to substitute for the star, becoming an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is a real person.

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Private benjamin (1980) 1470

MovieArt Original Film Posters - PRIVATE BENJAMIN (1980) 1470, $25.00 (

But I have learned that you make your own happiness, that part of going for what you want means losing something else. And when the stakes are high, the losses can be that much greater

If you haven't seen this movie your missing out! One of the best movies of all time :) 5 stars