The most popular types of vintage door knobs. In order: 12 sided glass door knob, white porcelain door knob, brass plated door knob, black porcelain door knob, Bennington (Tiger's Eye) porcelain door knob. We also sell many other vintage knobs as well as other vintage hardware such as backplates, push plates and door hinges as well as vintage doors.

Door Hardware, Knobs, Levers, Handlesets, and Locks | Emtek Products, Inc. built to order in Southern California

the house I grew up in had just such glass doorknobs; in fact the outside door that got a lot of sun had a purple glass doorknob!

Antique Florentine Wavy Window Glass Pane 9" x 7". We have all sizes of antique glass window panes & we also cut to order. Our reclaimed glass comes from windows & doors that we salvage from old homes across Mississippi. The Storied Salvage Company of Jackson, MS, we have a large inventory of antique salvaged & reclaimed materials. Open 7 days. Call (601) 559-4792. Visit or email

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