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No explanation needed...NOT a good idea

Break out the orange cones, we've got some safety experts here. Don't worry guys, I'm fairly certain everyone in these photos knows exactly . View People Who Are Future Darwin Award Winners" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Amazingly Stupid Construction Ideas That No One Seemed to Object To

Amazingly Stupid Construction Ideas That No One Seemed to Object To

Amazingly Stupid Construction Ideas That No One Seemed to Object To- Im laughing so hard.

Its the Weasly car from Harry potter

Another Redneck Innovation. The car swing. I kinda like it <<< Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT! So cool. Btw it's not redneck. That's something a car guy would make for his kids. I know because my dads a car guy. Just sayin

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Always put safety first (20 Photos)

The objective of occupational health and safety is to make work environment safer. Need for speedy completion of work should not be at the cost of human safety. Here are some examples where safety was not taken into consideration


These are descendants of Leonardo da Vinci! 27 People Who Successfully Reinvented The Wheel

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A man transports ducks on a motorcycle to a market in Nam Ha province, outside Hanoi May (Photo by Reuters/Kham)

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What an amazingly docile cow. No comment on the driver, who seems to have a death wish!

8 марта не за горами

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In Extremis de Sandro Giordano. Hilarantes fotos de gente que cae con todas sus pertenencias // In Extremis by Sandro Giordano. Hilarious Photos of People who've fallen down among all their belongings

Oh!!  Holy mother of...wow...just wow.

How is this motorcycle still on two wheels? Somebody musta photoshopped this one.