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Adorable video of a father playing cops and robbers with his daughter

Adorable cupcake thief suspect confesses to eating four cupcakes when questioned by her playful dad. When he announces she'll be 'arrested' she leads her dad on a high-speed chase throughout house in a video posted on Facebook.

good is good It's like gravity; we will be weighed to the earth as cream will rise to the top.

Haunting last portrait images of Muhammad Ali taken earlier this year

Raising his fists for the final time: Haunting last portrait of Muhammad Ali reveals the devastating effects of Parkinson's...but boxing legend still manages to smile like a true champion | Daily Mail Online

【Step2】グランドバルコニー ドールハウス お人形、ごっこ遊び (813400)/送料無料【楽天市場】

My hubby can't imagine taking off ur bra is the best feeling! He says it is like walking in the door and taking ur undies off!!!