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www.3or10.net - Akihabara, Tokyo - Akihabara is a popular district with electronic shops, shopping and entertainment. The main street of the Akihabara district is Chuo.  There are a lot of anime and manga shops and about these topics on this street. If you are a fun anime or manga then you should visit here.

De wijk Akihabara in Tokyo - de plek voor gadgets en manga

Tokyo - City Guide

The capital of Japan is also said to be the world’s most populated metropolis and also a famous destination among a large number of tourists including Muslims. So, you can get a great enjoyment of Japan Muslim holiday.

Anime Keychains & Charms

Anime Keychains and Charms from Hetalia, Naruto, Bleach, Black Butler, Sailor Moon Tsubasa

Find the arcade that’s right for you!  Mario Kart in a Japanese arcade.  Mario Kart in the arcades!  Not only does Japan still have video game arcades, but they come in all shapes and sizes. Unsurprisingly, there are several in Tokyo’s main geek district Akihabara, including Taito Hey – a classic arcade that’s often a test site for new games and is an awesome place to play bullet hell shoot ‘em ups (aka schmups) and fighting games both modern and classic. This isn’t just a great place to…

20 Essential Travel Tips for Gamers Going to Tokyo (Game Show) - IGN

Resultado de imagem para tóquio pontos turisticos

Resultado de imagem para tóquio pontos turisticos

Tokyo Travel: Akihabara

Tokyo Travel: Akihabara