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Agree 100%

How you feel, being able to express yourself, being emotional, it's not what makes you a girl - it's what makes you human. Emma Watson on the societal pressure that means men shouldn't cry.

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Simple, but hard to do sometimes. Now I have the song from Frozen stuck in my head haha.

40 Lonely Love Quotes That Hurt So Good

Lisa Simpson...yeah, that was pretty much my response any time I was told this-and-such would keep me single. Then this shirt for you Valentine Day : and You love Dogs and Cat click here :

Disappointed...really?? I just have had 2 people who I thought were my friends, let me down in less than 2 weeks...this is the reason why I have disconnected myself from everyone for so long& the reason i hate people...I'll pick up where I left off...i know better...and i had really stopped having such high expectations for people...thank god for my hubby..he has yet to disappoint...