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Good catch!!! With kids, more is caught than taught. Make sure they are catching good stuff!

my kids help me but you know its bad when your 6&7year old grandchildren help with the computer.

my dad would never go into a tampon/pad section and maybe it's okay because i don't need help but if your daughter does help her! Also teach your girl to grow up a tomboy or somewhere along those lines

This is how I want to raise my children :')) ♡ اللهم ارزقنا الذرية الصالحة

7 things I wish parents would stop teaching their children

Pretty Little Liars quotes. I love what they've taught me especially Hanna

Islamic Posters - dua for pious children


Magazine - Mister Finch: Textile Artist Who Lives In a Fairytale World

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Staffies are the most wonderful loyal, pets. Beautiful in their nature, they only are as aggresive as how they are taught. Just like any animal or person., Lets stop the bad name these beautiful animals get.

Consent is vital - teach about it early and often.