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She said....

As I was fighting for you, I realized I was fighting to be lied to, fighting to be taken for granted, fighting to be disappointed, and fighting to be hurt again.so I started fighting to let go.

I am happy...a peaceful serenity surrounds me...

a peaceful serenity surrounds me.

You are a Friday night and I am a Sunday morning... There will eternally be Saturdays to keep us apart.

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I KNOW we wont ever work out and be happy. I KNOW you'll never change and treat me right. But i FEEL so many things for you. I want to continue to feel things for you but it will do no good for me or for you

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Well, I've been waiting all my life and I'm running out of time. So I guess I don't really believe this but I wish...

He’s been here the whole time, patiently waiting, knowing God would lead me to him.