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Black women characters are often overlooked, oversexualized, and written as one-dimensional compar...

15 Books To Spark Your Feminist Awakening

“[This book] took me away from a one-dimensional, Western interpretation of women’s rights and inspired me to be more of a critical thinker. Marji is one of my favorite strong female characters (or characters in general) of all time.”

In need of some new reading to spur your mind? Here is a great list of FREE BOOKS in PDF form to educate oneself on race, gender, sexuality, class, and culture! Please feel free to share this with …

Why fill an attic with boxes and bins when you could convert it into a lofty library, instead? Dream life goals

Reviewed for Gospel Advocate. Good book about how words really hurt, and how to handle it when we are hurt by words.

How To Talk To Kids About Racism In America -- With A Picture Book

How do you start a conversation with children on America’s legacy of racial injustice? You tell them the story of an artist who confronted segregation and exposed that legacy. How the Photographer Captured Black & White America, by Gordon Parks

Race Matters – Cornel West Cornel West, a breathtakingly articulate author and racial historian has written a collectively unprecedented book on the culture classes in America. “Race Matters”, originally written in 1993 has remained current with its poignant and precise examination of the internal and external challenges facing Black people in America. West moves flawlessly from topic to topic while successfully linking the importance of each issue.