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With fewer than 650 wolves left in the state, Michigan's wolf population is only now starting to recover from the brink of extinction. But sadly, Michigan politicians just signed a bill allowing wolves to be hunted. Pledge to protect Michigan wolves.

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We've teamed up to launch a lawsuit protecting wildlife from the harmful effects of tar sands oil in Minnesota. Read the full story.

Timber Wolf Standing Close to a Forest Tree. (by Jay Warburton).

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“Don’t be afraid,” it said. “… You’re a wolf.” The shadow nodded. It seemed to grin. “Wolves don’t talk.” I clutched the basket to my chest and took another step back. As if I could disappear within the folds of my cloak. “I do,” it said. “Where are you going, little girl?” ☀Intelligence by Gerry Sibell #RedRider

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